A tailor-made Project Assistance

Our expertise lies in a personalized support we provide throughout your entire digital transformation. We support you with consulting for your project conception as well as with the planning, monitoring and validation of your project. Our experiences with a wide range of projects allow us to face many challenges, to bring forward innovative proposals and deliver technical and usable solutions.

Actimage’s project ownership assistance offers

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Project technical assistance

Our project assistance team provides the routing, monitoring and managing of your activities. By blending within the project environment, we ensure the optimisation of internal communication between the stakeholders.
Thanks to our knowledge in Information Systems and project management, we support our clients with the realisation and implementation of their solution and with its operational maintenance once deployed.
Hence, we deliver the following services:

  • Monitoring indicators' identification and definition
  • Risk analysis and risk management
  • Committees' directing and reporting
  • Planning scheduling and management
  • Operational condition support
  • Change management
  • Communication and training strategy

Design to cost assistance

When scoping a project, defining the needs is at the highest priority. This milestone in the project lifetime is necessary to identify the context, the stakes and the goal of the project.
In order to ensure the smooth execution of your project, we secure every step of its scoping: ​

  • Audit and business requirements analysis
  • Analysis and proposal
  • Drafting of the customer requirements specifications
  • Drafting of the project functional specifications
  • Wireframes and mockups realisation

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Third-party application acceptance testing

The technical acceptance of a project is a milestone used to validate the quality of the product delivered. Hence, we provide our clients with our proven-effective testing method.
We ensure the following steps:

  • Acceptance tests management and strategy
  • Drafting of the technical acceptance plan
  • Test cases validation
  • Operational and technical testing
  • Non-regression testing
  • Acceptance testing report

Our end-to-end Project ownership assistance process

This figure presents the project ownership assistance professions:

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