Grand Est Region
CARLA: Assistance to the contracting authorities for computer and information technologies

Assistance to the contracting authorities

Grand Est Region – Bas-Rhin & Haut-Rhin departments

Local communities tasked with the maintenance and the equipment of secondary education faculties

The Grand Est region and the departments of Haut-Rhin and Bas-Rhin have the authority to the building, maintenance and management of public and agricultural junior high schools and high schools, within their respective territories.


The challenge

In the context of the laws for decentralization, orientation and planning for the refoundation of the school of Republic, local communities are tasked with the computer equipment and maintenance of the junior high schools and high schools.

In Alsace, this amounts to more than 40.000 computers, close to a thousand IT servers and hundreds of fibre optic links.

On this basis, the Grand Est region and the departments of Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin lead ambitious programs for the modernisation of their establishments' internet accesses, network infrastructures and computer parks.

The solution offered

The CARLA division – a division of ICT experts

Since 2012, Actimage has been implementing the contract for the support of contracting authority « Cellule CARLA » from the Alsace region and the Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin departments. It is an expert division specialised in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the education field. It intervenes on every topic linked to computer and communication in a total of 148 junior high schools and 75 high schools within Alsacian territory.

Actimage’s expertise and its partners’ have been sought on a wide number of topics:

  • Education servers’ migration
  • Monitoring and management of the maintenance technicians for their annualised 35 hours
  • Management of the fibre optic changeover campaign
  • Monitoring and reporting of the equipment purchase contract
  • Network modernisation
  • Replacement of the telephone exchanges

In 2017, following the merging of the Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne regions and the resulting birth of the Grand Est region, Actimage won a new 4-year contract

  • Monitoring of the deployment of 15.000 wifi hotspots over 335 high schools, under 4 years, in the context of the project « Lycée 4.0 » (BYOD & digital resources)
  • Preliminary work for the implementation of a « Digital Work Environment » common to 1.2 million users
  • Support for the modernisation of 91 junior high schools in the Bas-Rhin department
  • Deployment of maintenance teams in the region’s secondary schools
  • Rewriting of the equipment contracts for the acquisition of over 15.000 computers a year
  • Holding work groups along with our institutional and technologic partners

The technology used

  • Control panel
  • Decision supporting reports
  • Technical and economic study
  • Audit


CARLA Division Officer

The CARLA division manages more than 20 structuring files on behalf of local communities. The impact and the number of projects that we manage, along with the wide number of contributors, compel us to a strict discipline and a great reactiveness. The files are diversified and complex thus satisfying. Moreover, I find it gratifying to work in the education field.

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