What is HoloLens and what is mixed reality?

HoloLens is a holographic computer that allows you to visualize, hear and interact with virtual elements in the real world. Unlike virtual reality, with mixed reality you continue to see what surrounds you - with holograms adding and embellishing the real view.

Mixed reality, virtual reality, augmented reality: what are the differences?

Potential of HoloLens


HoloLens is completely independent: it is neither connected to a computer nor is it necessary to install sensors in order to use it.

Natural interaction

Gesture and vocal recognition let you use the HoloLens in a fluid and intuitive manner.

Spatial mapping

Thanks to its sensors and infrared cameras, HoloLens is able to scan and locate its environment.


Connect multiple HoloLens together and share the experience. This is a useful feature for business meetings.

Spatial Sound

The 3D sound system allows you to live an immersive experience.


Connect the HoloLens to your Wifi network or Bluetooth capable devices and expand your solutions.

Our HoloLens solution

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Advice & guidance

We will guide you through conception, development and deployment of your mixed reality project. Communication is key. We exchange with your team to better understand your needs and shape your ambitions. We organize workshops to help you define your solution. We advise you, help you improve and use your application. We thrive by the Agile method.

UX, UI & 3D

Our UX and UI designers make ergonomic and intuitive interfaces to guarantee the best user experience to the user. With the expertise of our 3D graphic designers, we can use your files from CAO softwares (CATIA, Solidworks, Revit...) or create characters, decorations and objects of your projects.

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With their expertise in mixed reality and their mastery of tools such as Unity 3D or Microsoft Visual Studio, our HoloLens development engineers ensure that your project is tailor-made. As a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner, our expertise for developing applications in Mixed Reality is well recognized.

Our HoloLens development process

Our team is made up of experts: developers, 3D graphic designers, specialists in design-thinking and UI/UX experts. Whatever your need may be, we will guide you through the process of creating and building tailor-made solutions. Here is how we proceed:

Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner

Actimage is a Microsoft Partner for the development of mixed reality applications.

After three months of work and a presentation in London in front of Microsoft officials, our expertise in developing Mixed Reality applications got recognized.

This partner status guarantees excellence.

Our use cases

There are multiple potentials of mixed reality. It allows you to develop and enhance a product, a service, or a new solution. Whether your core business relates to real estate, education, culture, industry, etc., mixed reality can be an important asset to you. We take into account the peculiarities of your trade and the environment in which the solution will be used.

Our projects

For over two years, clients such as Safran trust us to work with them on developing innovative mixed reality projects. Today we are working on a R&D project in the healthcare industry: Hol'Autisme (laureate of French IoT 2017, Futur.e.s 2018 and candidate for Innolabs).

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