An intelligent conversational tool

IBM Watson
Deep learning
Natural Language Processing


An intelligent chatBot to assist users with their administration processes

In collaboration with IBM Watson, we are designing and developing an intelligent chatBot. Our solution can be adapted and customised to fit the needs of the targeted fields and users. Thanks to its flexible design, ActiBot can integrate and manage the objectives and the limitations of our partners’ information systems..


The challenge

Created in the 1960s with a medical conversational software (the Eliza program from MIT), chatBots used to simply follow decision trees and baseline scenarios. Since then, new computation technics and artificial intelligence capacities have been added to them, making their use widespread.

To help our partners with their information system, their user assistance and their request processing, we are developing ActiBot, an artificial intelligence capable of natural language and able to integrate complex business processes.

The solution offered

ActiBot is developed by Actimage, in partnership with IBM (Watson). This conversational Bot is equipped with extensive capacities to understand speech and human interaction. Based on ActiBox®, ActiBot manages the entire data string and is able to precisely answer the user’s needs.

A tailor-made solution

ActiBot is a solution that has been tailor-made in order to be long-lasting. As an agency specialised in digital support, we use the most fitting methodologies to analyse your needs, study the existing data and design the best-suited solution. We configure the Bot so that its « personality » (avatar, wording, vocabulary, emotional awareness, voice recognition, etc.) is optimal for the customer’s purpose.

We also provide training to the Bot and optimise it continuously in order to anticipate potential use cases.

Advanced functionalities delivered by our partners

ActiBot benefits from the powerful tools from our partner IBM (Watson) combined with ActiBox®, the internal system for analysis and data management developed by Actimage. The core functionalities of ActiBot are its deep learning abilities, its powerful computation capabilities - applied to information systems - and its ability to process automatic analyses of natural speech. These functionalities guarantee an optimal experience for the users, as well as a complete exposure for our partners.

  • Customer's needs analysis
  • « Persona » workshops to identify baseline scenarios
  • Study of existing data
  • Solution configuration
  • Design and configuration of Bot’s « personality »
  • Implementation of Natural language processing using IBM Watson
  • ChatBot training
  • Integration of voice / visual recognition engine
  • ChatBot integration to the Information System
  • Production
  • Continuous development of the chatBot

The technology used

  • IBM Watson
  • ActiBox®
  • Microsoft Luis
  • Hadoop
  • POWER7



Projects based on cognitive technologies, such as deep learning, attract more and more companies which are focused on providing the best services with the shortest delays to their users and clients. At Actimage, we support our partners in the formalisation of their needs, the training of their solution and the operational integration of the chatBot. We know that a deep knowledge of our client’s activity and jobs is essential in the proper and efficient integration of conversational Bots. To deliver the best support possible, we rely on the power of our tool ActiBox® as well as on our trustworthy partners such as Microsoft (Luis) and IBM (Watson).

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