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Methodology and vision

With high levels of expertise regarding partners with different ADNs, our division accompanies businesses in their digital transformation projects. Our consultants will guide you through the initialisation and launch phases, providing the piloting of the project by leveraging an iterative approach, measuring and controlling budgetary progress and risks. We respond to key performance criteria; robustness, maintainability, security, ergonomics, extensibility, and adaptability in the chosen technical solutions.

We are involved in every step of the project cycle:

  • Needs assessment and analysis
  • Identification of solutions
  • Risk analysis
  • Creation of a design brief
  • Creation of functional features
  • Creation of technical features
  • Support during the choice of an implementation partner

Our IT business support projects

  • Management of legal and administrative information
    Application management for the electronic administration information system
  • ReedMIDEM
    Implementation of a testing strategy for their different websites. Implementation of the recipe. Reflection on process automation

An aid for operational piloting

Managing the implementation and expansion of a project is a complex and time-consuming task. Actimage offers to support its partners throughout the process. Our division strategically intervenes in the application management and management of information systems by:

  • Calculation of the project’s technical progress
  • Follow-up meetings and piloting committees
  • QCDP conformance and optimisation of the workload schedule
  • Guarantee of the project’s conformance regarding the specifications
  • Implementation and maintenance of communication between the project key players
  • Quality test in relation to the needs expressed
  • Coordination of management and development actions

Acceptance expertise

All projects pass through a testing phase before being published: this step guarantees the product’s viability. Actimage has built a rigorous monitoring method to ensure a “bug-free” solution. Our missions are approval, confirmation and validation:

  • Creating the tests to be carried out. We decide on the needs for the tests based on the application’s functional features. At a later stage, we implement the test scenarii
  • Approval progress. Our teams roll out the test scenarii on all the devices underpredetermined conditions. The approvals may be complete or partial depending on the type of test (development/non-regression/corrections)
  • Overview of the tests carried out and statement of approval. We issue an opinion on the status of the application: operational (deployment advised), to be corrected (some minor problems to be resolved or deployment possible with a rapidly provided improved version), non-operational (major problems, deployment not advised)


Thanks to our SEO experts, your indexing is controlled and optimised. Whether natural indexing or paid indexing, we will ensure optimal indexing of your content and your presence on the web. We offer our partners different formulas: recommendations, preventive or corrective actions, or general support from the point of the site’s conception.

From the editorial policy, to migration, redirection and URL-configuration operations, via the optimisation of content and visual material, the implementation of trackers and the completion of CMS modules and plugins, we take care of all of the operations linked to the indexing strategy.

Work solutions and methods used

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Business Unit Director

For more than twenty years our teams have been involved in projects as varied as they are ambitious. Now, apart from the technical know-how and the necessary soft skills, it really is the experience that will make all the difference on a consulting mission. In order to enable our associates to cultivate and grow this professional experience, we work each day to offer them inspiring and rewarding challenges. In the end, it is the taste for projects with extremely high added value that makes the difference: the experiences gained by our consultants allows us to construct a winning team for our clients, allowing for the achievement of their digital transformation objectives.

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