A close and trusting relationship

Actimage is an innovative company, and an experienced player in digital transformation. Passionate about IT and with the desire to deal with challenges, our consultants are committed to understanding the expectations of their clients in order to implement tailored and efficient solutions. Beyond conception and development, Actimage offers a consulting approach and real professional analysis delivering innovative solutions which empowers your business to achieve optimal results.

Clear and efficient processes

Actimage offers a structured approach to provide complete digital support to its partners, from the understanding of their needs, to the implementation and maintenance of the product. Our approach guarantees the efficiency of the solutions built, regular monitoring of the project’s progress, and the traceability of the decisions made and tasks carried out.

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Initial meeting
Client needs assessment
Understanding the project context

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Development of a strategy
Methodology proposal
Conception and implementation planning

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Solution architecture
Reiteration with the partner
Prototype proposal

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Product implementation
Solution finalisation
Post-production and maintenance

User Centric approach

We work from the principle that a solution should meet three essential criteria to encourage user participation. It should be:

  • Useful
    A solution must meet the needs of the end users. Every functional conception decision must have a reason for its existence.
  • Usable
    A solution must be “user-friendly”. Graphic expertise is the key to a functional solution that will (not) seduce users.
  • Used
    We measure a solution’s user activity both mid- and long-term, in order to ensure its continuity, carrying out updating and development operations.

Agile methodology

Actimage very quickly adopted an agile spirit. We work in an iterative and adaptive manner. Our objective is to prove our reactivity during the project’s conception, in order to build modular and efficient solutions for our clients.

  • Roles
    Each player has a dedicated role: the project manager, the scrum master, the developers etc. This enables a contact point to be identified and exchange flows to be ensured.
  • Sprints
    Lasting for a period set in agreement with the client, sprints are the development phases which enable the implementation of one or several functions.
  • Meetings
    Planned at regular intervals, internally and with our partners, meetings enable monitoring of the progress of work and keeps everyone informed about the tasks of the other participants.
  • Backlogs
    These indicate the functions to come, and to be planned, during the up-coming sprints.

Innovation, our trademark

Our teams are able to:

  • Detect emerging trends
    Our teams stay informed and are constantly on the watch.
  • Develop and commercialise innovative products
    To stay at the top of technology, we invest in the development of ingenious solutions on subjects such as augmented reality.
  • Acquire know-how that we share with out clients
    We are a source of proposals and we are committed to sharing the benefits of our experience with out clients to help them get the very best from technology.
  • Collaborate with different European partners who are leaders in research and innovation
    Our geographical position places us at the heart of exchanges with Luxembourg, Germany, and the US etc. We have secured various partnerships with businesses, universities and research laboratories for the development of innovative projects.

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