Safran Landing Systems
Development of a HoloLens application for landing gear visualization

Mixed Reality
3D Modelling
Virtual Models
Voice Recognition
Gesture Recognition

Safran Landing Systems

World leader in brake and landing systems

The expertise of Safran Landing Systems covers the entire life cycle of it’s products, from conception to production, to maintenance and repair. Safran Landing Systems is a partner to at least 30 aircraft manufacturers in the public, regional and business transport sectors, and in the military sector. The company provides support services for 25,000 planes, carrying out more than 40,000 landings each day.


The challenge

Facilitate the presentation of Safran Landing Systems landing gear with an innovative application using HoloLens mixed reality. The Safran Landing Systems teams will be able to present their products in the form of virtual models, enabling a fully mobile user simulation experience, enhanced client engagement and business growth.

The solution offered

Indispensable 3D expertise

To remain as faithful as possible to the final version of the Safran Landing Systems landing gears, we are working directly from 3D files provided by Safran Landing Systems’ engineers. These files are made in a piece of CAO software, CATIA, and are not operable in their present form, therefore they require an optimisation phase. With our breadth of experience with 3D solutions and software such as Simplygon and 3DS Max, we have been able to undertake this crucial part of the project.

The user experience, a priority

One of the fundamental components of an application is the user experience. HoloLens is a new and innovative technology: the UX is different for a website than it is for a mobile application. Our experts have developed a UX adapted to the project and to the functionalities of HoloLens, with a three-dimensional environment, voice and gesture recognition.

The experience of the Actimage engineers and UX designers in this sector allowed us to provide Safran Landing Systems with an optimum experience.

  • Needs assessment
  • Solution development and production launch
  • Networking of several HoloLens
  • Developing of a system of rights according to user
  • Optimization and animation of 3D files provided by Safran Landing Systems

The technology used

  • Microsoft HoloLens
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
  • Microsoft Simplygon
  • C#
  • Unity 3D
  • 3DS Max
  • Tortoise SVN


Mixed reality consultant

This type of project is very stimulating. In addition to being innovative, it responds to a real client need. Actimage has provided a digital transformation solution which Safran can easily use to present its new landing gear models all around the world.