Paris La Défense
Redesign of a geolocalisation application
at La Défense area, Paris, City Map

User Experience
Route planning
La Défense

Paris La Défense

Public management institution of La Défense

Paris La Défense is a public institution with the purpose of providing the management, animation, and promotion of La Défense, the biggest business district in France.


The challenge

Since 2016, the mobile application “Paris La Défense City Map” has been facilitating travel for Parisians, tourists, and businessmen and -women. However, following a survey completed by numerous users, Defacto identified improvements to be made which necessitated a complete redesign of the application. Among the key subjects to deal with, we find: service management, off-line mode, and the improvement of the events component.

The solution offered

The technological challenges

The project “Paris La Défense City Map” presents numerous technological problems and challenges. To respond to each of them, Actimage is working in partnership with Magellium, an engineering company expert in geo-information and cartography. Actimage’s expertise in mobile development, interface design, and user pathways, coupled with Magellium’s skills, form a consortium capable of supporting Paris La Défense in their procedure.

A methodology that is the source of efficacy

We are in the conception stage of the complete redesign of the application. To do this we are proceeding along 3 different axes. The first consists of summarising the user needs via workshops in order to offer them dynamic prototypes and to involve them in the creation of the future application. The second axis, which is more technical, consists of choosing and testing the best tools for route planning and graphics rendering to integrate them during development. The objective is to improve the existing site, and to make it more relevant. The final axis consists of improving and collecting more information on the current services in La Défense (business, restaurateurs etc.) to respond to expectations and improve the experience of the application’s users.

Paris La Défense is seeking numerous partners to make the City Map the best companion to life in La Défense. The redesign of the application should see daylight in 2018.

  • Resolution of complex transport, mobility, and territorial attractiveness problems
  • Use of open data
  • Use of free licensing
  • Mastery of innovation challenges linked to the emergence of connected areas
  • Implementation of user workshops
  • Creation of a chart of choice criteria (performance, relevance, memory, battery consumption)
  • Studies of technological solutions already on the market
  • Implementation of various POC (proofs of concept) to choose the most suited

Actimage Defacto Application Mobile
Actimage Defacto Atelier UX

The technology used

Paris La Défense

In a complex project, the Actimage team has contributed its know-how and helped determine the best choices to make. The elements of work presented were clear, the interlocutors always available. It was a pleasure to work so well surrounded.