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Information system on the price of oil in France

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French Ministy of Economy, Finance and Industry

The price of oil

The Ministy of Economy, Finance and Industry is responsible for the preparation and enaction of political economy, finance, consumption, control and fraud repression of the French Government. Another of its missions is to promote and develop the social economy.


The challenge

In 2006, the Ministry wanted to develop a website that could provide a real time inventory of the price of oil in more than 10 000 points of sale. This website also needed to provide functionalities such as search, geolocalisation, itinerary calculation. The platform should also be capable of monitoring and controling the the prices for the DGCCRF and deliver statistic visually.

Since January the 1st 2017, the basics of the site are in development. Since that very day (10 years ago), Actimage has made the site evolve to fit the reglementations (Ministry's decrees), the news (monitoring of supplies), the uses (site for general public), and the governmental directive (Open Data).

The solution offered

We support the Ministry in its approach since the premises of the project. We provided the development, hosting, exploitation and the evolutive and corrective maintenance of the platform, its services and applications.

A complete information system

The provided information system includes several modules such as cartography tools, a data download system, a service that uploads the prices daily via phone, data push or website, price checking applications and a monitoring platform.

An optimised flow management

The solution La solution benefits from the flexibility of the Cloud architecture of our Datacenters and it garantees the high availability of the platform, even during peaks noticeable when the prices change wildly. A Load Balancer is used to increase the efficiency of the Datacenters.

actimage minefi développement C# java application smartphone gouvernment carburant statistique
Actimage MINEFI Prix des Carburants Site Web

The technology used

  • PHP Symfony 2 Framework
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Spatial basics on PostgreSQL (PostGis)
  • OpenLayers, Mapserver, Nominatim, OSRM, OpenStreetMap
  • SVN
  • Ansible


Business Unit Director of Strasbourg

This long-lasting partnership led to the evolution of the project along to the evolution of the environment, such as the addition of user services and Open Data as a part of the program. We made sure to porpose improvements of the user experience as well as efficient and secure tools.

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