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To distribute targeted information to associates on the move


Today, companies are confronted with the need to rapidly distribute relevant information to multiple stakeholders who are constantly on the move.
This information must meet a set of criteria:

  • Personalisation and adaptation of the contents to fit the user profile
  • Relevant and streamlined information (only the information necessary should be made available to the user)
  • Ergonomic and intelligible presentation, adapted to a mobile device: smartphone, tablet or AR glasses
  • Simplified interaction with the user (regardless of where - the information is at the heart of the company)

The solution offered

A connected, ergonomic, and adaptable platform

To respond to these challenges, the Actimage Lab has developed ActiNote, a service platform for mobile professionals. The ActiNote platform is connected to information databases and heterogeneous information silos, available at the heart of the business. ActiNote aggregates data and media from these sources by associating an appropriate work (process) sequence with them. The whole system is scripted and presented in an ergonomic and intuitive format, so that each associate on the move can access the information relative to his or her action at the opportune moment.

In return, all of the information collected by the associate are processed by the platform and returned to the relevant information system. The ActiNote platform is therefore the ideal communication channel between the company and its mobile associates.

The ActiNote solution is available on a great majority of smartphones, tablets (iOS, Android or Windows 10), as well as on heightened reality glasses (HoloLens, Daqri).

The technical and commercial areas of application

  • Technical intervention (assembly, maintenance) with response-scenario creation: industry, buildings, and services
  • Technical inspection: checklist, and contextual technical documentation
  • “On the job” training: applied training, testing and validation of knowledge acquired
  • Sales assistance: structured summary of information, product configurator, and project costing assistance

Optimisation and simplification of processes, traceability and productivity

Version 4.0 of the digital platform ActiNote is winning over the industrialists by the flexibility that it brings to the provision of contextual technical information aimed at mobile teams. It enables:

  • The optimisation and rationalisation of existing processes
  • The simplification of missions, personalised assistance for the mobile associate
  • The generation of automated activity reports, in conformance with those in place at the heart of the company
  • Global digitisation without media disruption
  • Personalisation of the content for each user (rights, skill level, views...) allowing the user to concentrate on his/her work
  • Better organisation and traceability of work
  • An increase in productivity and efficiency regarding the tasks set to each associate


  • 2005

    First version of ActiNote: presentation at the CeBIT (Hannover) in conjunction with BlackBerry and Vodafone. This first version of the platform allowed the digitisation of writing on a paper form with the help of a digital pen and secure transmission of the digitised document to the company.
  • 2007

    Second version integrating handwriting recognition and a form editor
  • 2008

    HaDiMe research project (2008-2011) with the aim of media digitisation and integration
  • 2009

    eHamoMi research project (2009-2011), optimisation of the handwriting recognition applied to mobility. Integration of contextual information (GPS, barcode, image), offshoot of a suite of note-taking applications on Blackberry
  • 2010

    Mechanisms for the generations of pre-filled forms and optimal ERP integration (web services)
  • 2011

    Version 3: solution made available on iPad & iOS
  • 2012

    Integration of advanced media: integrated sketcher Offshoot of an application at the heart of the Apple Store
  • 2013

    “Mobile measure” research project (2013-2015): rule engine for the calculation of physical dimensions. ALUBAR research project (2013-2016): construction of a new platform based on a scripting program, experimentation with AR glasses (among others, Vusiz, Fujitsu, then Hololens)
  • 2016

    ActiNote 4.0 made available, marking a break from the previous versions (the pen disappeared), made available on tablets, smartphones, and AR glasses (iOS, Android, Windows 10), first integration of Hololens
  • 2017

    Interface with an action planning tool (ViOS), implementation of Daqri’s industrial AR headset.

The technology used

ActiNote is proposed in a SaaS version (Software as a Service) and is hosted by one of Actimage’s data centres.

Upon demand from our clients, hosting is also possible on the Cloud Microsoft Azure platform.

ActiNote has connectivity to the majority of ERPs and information systems via Web Service REST connectivity.

The mobile application is based on Qt technology and is available on iOS, Android and Windows 10.


Chief Executive Actimage Germany

Since the founding of Actimage, we have inscribed innovation to our DNA. For us, it is essential to combine ingenuity and creativity with pragmatism, in order to structure software solutions in step with the needs of our clients, but which are also capable of integrating permanent technological developments, because we know that what isn’t possible today will be tomorrow. Our credo: “Creating Simple Solutions for a more Complex World”