Application manager and operator of the electronic administration information system

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Management of legal and administrative information

French public administration, placed under the authority of the Prime Minister and connected to the Secretary General of the French Government

The DILA distributes, via different means, legal and administrative information, and facilitates the daily life of citizens with the services it offers. The “service-public.fr” portal is part of these services. It allows users to access useful information on a daily basis and offers them the chance to carry out their initiatives in correspondence with public organisations (city halls, public services, tribunals).


The challenge

The challenge is doubled for this partner: Actimage acts both as an application manager and as an SI operator for the DILA.

The work of the IT Business Support Team allows us to prevent incidents and facilitate corrections to incidents, constantly improving the processes and therefore allowing users to facilitate their user experience by seamlessly undertaking their actions online.

The work of the Operation Team enables the control of installations and the availability of the platform for users, all the while ensuring the security of the access points and information.

The solution offered

Historic experience

The DILA has trusted Actimage to support it in the management and operation of its information system for several years now. This trust has enabled us to develop knowledge of the applications covering their functionalities, their technologies, and their histories. This knowledge allows us to make a more precise analysis, taking into account the SI developments over the past few years.

Interdisciplinary expertise

Actimage supports the DILA on two major aspects of the project: the management of the applications and their operation. This double mission allows us to have an interdisciplinary vision of the activities, and above all, to have a technical-functional vision of each of the applications making up the SI. This expertise is a strong asset during the necessary investigations into the SI developments in order to endure a mastery of it on all levels.

  • ITIL procedure
  • Project management and activity piloting
  • Functional and technical monitoring of applications and platforms
  • Support at levels 1, 2 and 3
  • Application configuration and administration
  • Server and application administration

The expertise provided

  • Agile methodology
  • ITIL “best practices”
  • Ticket management (Mantis, Jira, ...)
  • Cloud
  • VMWare
  • Centreon



The application management project is a project that demands rigour, excellent organisation, and, above all, it is a project that demands us to be entirely invested in it. It is always imperative to keep in mind the that SI that we are managing allows users to facilitate their administrative exchanges when carrying out actions online. Every day we need to question ourselves anew and reinvent ourselves to develop the SI in line with good web practices and to support each of the users and partners of service-public.fr