What is an innovation lab?

The innovation laboratory aims to support a company's innovation strategy in order to build the world of tomorrow, by embodying the digital transformation desired by the company, as well as encouraging teams to increase their abilities in the field of innovation. It is a space for experimentation, acceleration and realization of projects.

The Innovation Lab is an open, flexible and participatory entity. Its team is composed of different, multidisciplinary profiles. It offers a place for experimentation, monitoring, analysis and rupture that reconciles imagination, creativity and concrete achievements.

Setting up an innovation lab makes it possible to work with different methods than those already used in the organization, in an agile mode resembling that of start-ups: plateau, co-working, design thinking, MVP (Minimum viable product, a development strategy for rapid testing of a product or feature on the market).

Our goal: the success of your digital transformation

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The first stage of the innovation process aims to identify the needs and objectives of your business, generate ideas and explore possible solutions. Once the proposed solutions have been formalized in the form of a Backlog, they will be tested within the lab.

Digital Acculturation
Competitive Intelligence
Market Research


During the experimentation phase, the different formalized solutions will be prototyped, tested, evaluated and improved until reaching a product (Minimum Viable Product) that meets your needs. This step is also an opportunity to test new technologies in order to evaluate their relevance for your projects.

Technological monitoring
Methodology monitoring
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This stage of the process aims to transform a validated prototype into a sustainable product ready to be deployed. Change management is the cornerstone of this step.

Change management

A modular and customizable offer

Personalized support

We put at your disposal our methodological and technical skills to adapt the offer closer to your ambitions.

Develop a culture of innovation

We help you set up an innovative ecosystem throughout the process. Because we are at the heart of technological innovations, we can offer digital acculturation through demonstrations of the latest technologies and innovative tools.

Build a team

As a consulting agency, human resources (HR) is at the heart of our business. We support you in your HR strategy to build a digital innovation team adapted to the project.

Develop your skills

Because some specific skills will not be easy to find on the market, Actimage has developed its Academy to allow the skill development of its employees in a rapidly changing digital environment. Our training center can also assist you in increasing the skills of your employees.

The advantages of a Digital Lab

Become more competitive

Development of new products and innovative services.

Become more agile

Favorize the “time-to-market” and avoid the tunnel effect of the V-model.

Become more relevant

Release relevant products by exploring new territories.

Earn technological expertise

Permanent technological monitoring (IoT, Big Data, AI, Chatbot, Blockchain)

Unite and involve employees

Collective intelligence.

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