Local service dedicated to the home-based support of elderly people

Smart TV


R&D project devoted to local service

Our ambition: maintain the autonomy of frail persons and strengthen the connections with those around them via an accessible, intelligent and connected platform.


The challenge

To conceive and develop an application with respect to the concerns represented by the isolation of the elderly at home: to encourage communication with family and those close to them, to follow their daily habits, send an alarm in the case of a problem, and to secure the home by using a system of intelligent sensors.

The solution offered

The fruit of a collaboration with European universities and laboratories

At Actimage, we consider technology as a source for creativity. In order to provide ourselves with the means for our digital transformation ambitions, we are collaborating with universities and research institutes (KIT, AAL, FZI) for the purpose of conceiving innovative solutions in a complex and rapidly changing market.

ActiHome, between home automation and eHealth

Our participation in European programmes linked to gerontechnology since 2009 bears witness to our investment based on know-how, inventiveness, and knowledge-sharing. These European consortia unite a dozen partners participating in the development of service platforms at the crossroads between home automation and eHealth. The experience acquired during previous collaborative programmes has allowed us to create an internal solution: actiHome.

Functionalities that meet the expectations and needs of elderly persons:

  • Connected pill organiser: Free you mind, the actiHome pill organiser manages your daily medication intake and warns those closest to you (should you forget
  • Video-conferencing and messaging: Contact those closest to you or health professionals directly from your connected TV, tablet or smartphone
  • Assistance and alarm: Always be up-to-date with the record of the day’s events and choose who to alert in case of need
  • Security: Live without fear, actiHome analyses your rhythm of life and reassures those closest to you via sensors installed in your home. A learning algorithm helps anticipate risks to the person, by immediately alerting those closest to him/her
  • Service directory: the power of choice -easily select the different services you want to use from a comprehensive and varied list. Partners may offer their services via the actiHome platform
  • Visit history and management: A RFID badge system is integrated into actiHome to verify the presence of a health professional, manage the response scenario, and to quickly communicate useful information

The technology used

  • Drupal 7 (PHP)
  • Javascript (JQuery)
  • Java
  • MySQL


Web Developer

ActiHome aims to cover the entire spectrum of actions of a planner within one single piece of software, where the different parties communicate with each other (the validation of the actions carried out by the participant allows the generation of the information necessary for billing, for example), all while being easy to use thanks to its economic interfaces and up-to-date records.