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October 10, 2017
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October 10, 2017

Conception and development of a unique Bentley social network application

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Luxury and racing car manufacturer

Bentley (Volkswagen Group) is a company that embodies English luxury. Six times the victor of the Le Mans 24 hours, Bentley is a legendary car, a symbol of elegance and power.

The challenge

To conceive and develop a mobile application that groups Bentley owners in a social network that allows them to share among themselves, but also to establish a privileged connection with Bentley. To give life to a community in the brand’s universe by offering dedicated services and exclusive events.

The solution offered

The launch of Bentley Network developed by Actimage took place in the United States in the summer of 2015: 1,500 owners joined the network and shared this experience.

An interactive application

In 2016, Bentley decided to extend the application to Europe. We developed a V2 of the Bentley Network. The application is now universal. The UX is improved. Numerous interactive aspects have been added: group conversations, “like” feature on publications, and event-sharing. Innovative content has been implemented: a completely dynamic welcome page, virtual experiences, unique testimonies, and a multitude of services. The personal space adapts to the desires of the user: virtual garage, sharing of places visited, addition of a co-pilot to invite a non-owner to be a member of the network.

Useful and innovative functionalities

The application is also equipped with a new feature, concerning Bentley’s concessionaires. Here owners can find their own, discover those located near them, add them to their favourites, and find out how to contact them. This new feature demonstrates the desire to make the network the best Bentley asset for users on a daily basis.

Today the Bentley Network covers around 3,000 members and Bentley intends to open the application to new territories.

  • Redesigned conception to welcome more than 10,000 users
  • Modern and elegant design following social network standards
  • Opening the community to several areas
  • Improvement in interactivity: possibility to like posts, share content
  • Implementation of an entirely secure environment
  • Fusion of iPad and iPhone applications in one universal application
  • Extension to share media on the network via the phone’s photo gallery
  • Utilisation of proven technical components (for databases, web calls, etc.).

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The technology used


We have chosen Actimage for the realization of our network because of its mastering of the innovation and security. Thanks to its research and development projects Actimage has a proven record in creating customized solutions based on predictive algorithms and big data. We want to offer the best digital experience for our customers and this is the domain where Actimage is strong and innovative. Moreover, Actimage demonstrates exceptional project management skills and has professionally understood the needs and operational requirements of Bentley Motors Limited.

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